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With national manufacturing and sales capabilities, Simply Products is a supplier of the broadest portfolio of thermal management solutions for a wide variety of applications. Our thermal management products are used in a wide variety of personal computing (PC) applications such as desktops, laptops, printers and peripheral cards and console video game systems. In addition, Simply Products serves the non-PC segment in applications including servers (high-end and X86), network devices (switches, routers, and local area networks), telecommunications equipment (wireless base stations, satellite stations and PBXs), instrumentation (semiconductor test equipment, medical equipment and power supplies), transportation and motor drives (braking and traction systems, industrial motor drives) and other consumer electronics (set top boxes, audio equipment).

Simply Products also offers engineering and design services to customers who value assistance in solving difficult and complex thermal management problems. These design services may be offered as part of a product solution or carried out on contract through specialized engineering and design consulting office. Simply Products will partner closely with its customers early in the design phase of product development in order to develop innovative product solutions. Accordingly, our ability to provide a high-quality, reliable and comprehensive product and service makes us a viable and valuable provider to the industry.

It is our policy to supply products which meet or exceeds customer requirements for quality, delivery, performance, and value.

Our mission is total customer satisfaction. We are committed to continuous improvement throughout our company through application of world class business principles.

  • Assessment

    The Simply Products engineers will work with customer's design engineers to analyze the design parameters such as physical size, mechanical constraints, heat flux and airflow. This initial assessment ensures that the thermal problem is fully measured and understood by both Simply Products and the customer.

  • Solution R&D

    After the thermal problem parameters are understood and the product specifications are addressed, our research and development team utilizes its portfolio of "tools” - proven and tested thermal technologies and product platforms consisting of a varying number of components - to develop potential solutions for the thermal problem. If the thermal solution requires a technology that is not currently in the Company's "tool box”, the R&D team investigates potential alternative solutions based on industry technologies.

  • Design and Modeling

    Once the best potential solutions have been evaluated for cost/performance potential, Simply Products’ engineers will work to determine the performance of the potential solutions in the customer's system environment to determine the optimal design and structure. The thermal management performance of the design is then modeled to ensure all requirements of the system are successfully reached or surpassed.

  • Prototype and Test

    After determining the optimal solution design and modeling its expected performance, our engineers manufacture a functional prototype of the solution. This prototype is then provided to the customer for mechanical and thermal testing in their simulated environment reflecting the operating conditions of the customer's end product. After the solution has passed the functional tests, design for manufacturing review, and any corresponding customer qualification, it is deemed ready for production.

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